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Another departure from the norm and a definite lockdown labour of love!

The main body is fashioned from an old treadle sewing machine, the rear wheels and axle from a vintage sack trolley, front axle from a paint gun canister and other bits from whatever was lying around in the workshop. This model also boasts a steam bent wooden chassis, sprung drivers’ seat and even a working tow hitch!

I would say that the inspiration for this came from Ferruccio Lamborghini, who started out making tractors and then moved into producing some of worlds best supercars, but I doubt you’d believe me – plus, I don’t plan on going into mass production of these units any time soon!

This really is a lovely piece which I really am quite proud of (and actually love having in my sitting room). It’s quite hefty and is strictly collection only (or free delivery within a reasonable distance).

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