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Another departure from the norm and a definite lockdown labour of love!

The main body is fashioned from an old motor-driven, Singer sewing machine, with most of the other parts being salvaged from other similar machines.

The headlights are vintage theatre glasses, the V6 engine is constructed from old electrical bits and pieces, while the chassis, and beautifully shaped rear quarter, are made from oiled American walnut.

I would say that the inspiration for this came from Ferruccio Lamborghini, who started out making tractors and then moved into producing some of worlds best supercars, but I doubt you’d believe me – plus, I don’t plan on going into mass production of these units any time soon!

This really is a lovely piece which I really am quite proud of (and actually love having in my sitting room). It’s quite hefty and is strictly collection only (or free delivery within a reasonable distance).

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