Workshop 74

are available, and have the resources to undertake the following:

– Furniture Repair –

Is that family heirloom due a little TLC? Are you fed up with that wobbly table leg, or does that favourite chair need a re-upholster? Just let us know.

– Furniture Manufacture –

Fancy owning a unique, beautifully crafted, bespoke bookcase, table, chair, wine rack, cupboard….in fact, just about anything you can think of?

– Restoration –

Breathing new life into a tired, dull, rusty old item can give it a whole new lease of life and reveal a new-found beauty – let us show you.

– Up cycling / repurposing –

Before you throw out that old mystery item that’s been hiding in the shed for years, take another look. If it’s even mildly interesting we may have an idea what to do with it.

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Workshop 74