Please take a look at our portfolio of past projects (click below):

Raleigh Chopper

OK, so this early MkI Chopper was a personal project which took me right back to my childhood and indulged me in my passion for all things 70’s. Sourcing original parts to complete this was half the fun – the other half was actually riding it!

Not our normal type of commission, but one which hopefully showcases our versatility.

Kitchen Table

Somebody wanted a kitchen table….so we built one for them!


Built to the customers exacting requirements, this was a real labour of love but ultimately rewarding.

Using a variety of different woods and keeping the waney edge on the shelves, this is indeed a handsome piece.

Church Door Table

Being approached with a warped, 300 year-old church door that the customer wanted converted into a table, had us scratching our heads.

We did it though!


When asked for a bespoke, smart fire surround in keeping with the character of a charming, newly refurbished cottage, this is what we came up with. Happy to say, the customer loved it :)

Pipe Lamps

Simple yet effective, and with the huge variety of fittings and fixtures available, almost anything’s possible!

My personal favourite though has to be ‘The Thinker’ :)

Water Meter Lamps

Fashioned from old water meters and coupled with antique style squirrel cage bulbs, these statement lamps give a beautiful subtle background light that creates a warm, relaxed feeling in any room. These two were destined to adorn office space for a local interior design company.


Strand Electric Theatre Lamps

These ultra-stylish, 1950’s icons of the theatre, really do look stunning in any setting. Coupled with a genuine antique tripod, the two most popular models – the Pat 23 and Pat 123, with highly polished aluminium casings and finished with period style braided flex, enhance any room in the house.

Trolley Table

It’s amazing what people throw out, as all component parts of this table were rescued from becoming landfill. With a bit of thought and a sprinkling of ingenuity, it is possible to create attractive, high quality, functional pieces (despite what they produce on certain TV programmes!).

Cable Drum Table

Simple but effective. This no-nonsense table is a real statement piece that offers a fantastic ‘industrial’ look along with functionality. This particular table headed off to a modern apartment in London.

Zebra Table

Using a variety of different woods for this table, not only creates an eye-catching design, but also enhances the natural beauty of each species. Perfect as a conversational coffee table.

Circuit Board Sin City Table

A bit rude, a tad saucy and whole lot of fun to make!

Using old mother boards and other computer components, a ‘city-scape’ type of effect was created and populated with some of Sin City’s more noisome characters, including Tina Tits the exhibitionist, Zit Pierce the angry punk and even the Grim Reaper himself!

Water Table

The idea for this was unashamedly stolen from American master craftsman Greg Klassen, whose work is inspirational and truly stunning! https://www.gregklassen.com

This take on his idea was created from beautiful, locally sourced yew, finished to a silky smooth surface. One of these now lives in Pennsylvania.