Elliott Bros. Galvanometer Lamp


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This gorgeous little lamp is fashioned from an old galvanometer made by Elliott Bros. of London in the early 1900’s.

The beautiful refurbed wooden case is a very simple, clean design with the 2 electrical contacts forming 2 of the feet (while blackened nuts and bolts form the other 2). The small size of this lamp makes it ideal to add a classy bit of mood lighting to a secluded corner and it comes fitted with a generous 2.0m of 3core braided flex, and will be supplied with a period style LED bulb….if that wasn’t enough, I’ll even post for free!

In case you’re wondering, a galvanometer is a device very similar to an ammeter – The major difference between an ammeter and a galvanometer is that an ammeter shows only the magnitude of the current, while a galvanometer shows both the direction and magnitude of the current.

Now you know!


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