Supreme Ray Gun

The Supreme Ray Gun was never initially intended to be a gun at all.

Originally it was going to be a hilarious (if not particularly PC) realisation of a spoof advert I came across for a ‘Reaver’s Gas Powered Peasant Prodder’.

Scouring the workshop for potential bits and pieces, I found an old motor, some pipe fittings, a couple of mountain bike suspension units and an old Singer sewing machine balance wheel. It was a start.

After buying an artists hand from a local market and fashioning some handles, the Peasant Prodder began to take shape. I then had the idea of making this ridiculous piece multifunctional, by having the hand interchangeable with a gun ‘nozzle’.


As soon as I did this, I realised that the Peasant Prodder idea was just a little too wacky and the Ray Gun idea took over.  With a few more embellishments, including some grinders from a defunct coffee machine, an old volt meter, some faux wiring and an upgraded stand, complete with a light fitting mounted on a flexible gooseneck, the fantastical item you see before you was finally brought into being.

This is most definitely a one-off piece  –  if you’re interested in this, please drop me a line to discuss pricing and collection.



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