Singer Speedster V


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This is only the fifth ‘Singer Speedster’ to emerge from the Workshop74 stables, and is the first (possibly the only) one to be powered by a turbine engine.

Like its predecessors, the headlights are fashioned from a pair of old opera glasses, the wheels are sewing machine balance wheels and the woods used are American walnut and oak to create the racing stripe.

   Mk I                        Mk II  

Also, like the Speedsters that came before, it was very much a labour of love and, with the absence of any plans, came into being almost organically .… a bit like a fungus!

    Mk III                 Mk IV  

I’ve lost count of the hours spent, tears shed and swear words used in the creation of this, but I think it’s worth it – how about you?

Strictly collection only, or free delivery within a reasonable distance – please feel free to ask.


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